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Buy maine coon kittens online near me. We don’t just Breed Maine coon kittens, we advertise and enjoy them being around us all the time! I and my family have been pure Maine coon breeders since 2009. Every minute of it has been exciting! All of our kittens are TICA registered. We take pride in the health and personality of our adults and especially our litter of Kittens. They are all raised with lots of love and care from their first breath. Maine coon Kittens are excellent companions! Once you own one, you are hooked!

About our Kittens!

Buy maine coon kittens online near me. All kittens sold on Karl Maine Coon Cattery come with a health guarantee. Our Maine coon kittens are good-natured and well trained, they will adapt well to many lifestyles and personalities. They like being with people and have the habit of following us around, but they aren’t needy. They’re happy to receive attention when directed their way, but if busy, they’re satisfied to just supervise what we are doing. Close a door on them and they will wait patiently for you to realize the error of your ways and let them in. They’re not typically a lap cat, but they do like to be near you. Please browse our website and get to know us and see our special Maine coon kittens for sale.


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 In a word ‘Excellent’. From my initial search for a kitten to stumbling across Karl Maine Coon Cattery. I was blown away. by their dedication and responsibilities as a breeder. It’s been 9 months since picking up our kitten and we are over the moon. Beautiful in looks and nature! A huge thank you for taking out the worry and stress of choosing the right breed and the right kitten."

William Jones

 Always choose Karl Maine Coon Cattery! Their love, commitment & care shows in how well they breed their Maine coon kittens. Their knowledge & help before, during & after is second to none. Healthy Happy Parents make Healthy Happy kittens. Choose Karl Maine Coon Cattery….We did and it’s the best decision ever made. Thank you for our gorgeous boy."

Michael Kross

 Karl Maine Coon Cattery and their special furry babies have been absolutely amazing. We adopted a cat from them recently and there is no doubt how much they loved on our fur baby before we brought him home. Our sweet boy is playful, follows me around like my shadow, and tolerant of our children. He is a lover and amazingly sweet. Thank you so much Karl. Your love, care, and knowledge of your sweet babies is unparalleled. I highly recommend her."

Amy Warmouth